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We are a ministry to those who give, as well as to those who are in need.

The Besom is about much more than just meeting the needs of those who are suffering various forms of poverty.  It's also about you!  Our focus rests on those who come to give and what God's doing in and though them, rather than just on those in need.  We love seeing hearts softened with compassion as they connect with the person behind 'the need'.  As people connect with God in prayer their hearts and attitudes can change.  So Besom is also about the 'being' and not just the 'doing'.  Our actions then flow out of our response to God's love and generosity to us.


Besom witnesses to wider society that God is real, He is good and He answers prayer.  We have thousands of testimonies of answered prayers  - how?   Besom teams faithfully choose to take God at His word and trust Him to provide all the resources needed to meet local needs on a week-by-week basis.   We don't advertise these needs, undertake fundraising activities or grant applications.  Instead, we are encouraged to let our prayers underpin everything we do, increasing our dependence on God to bring what is needed.  Up and down the country, this enables a wonderful 'matching' of things given with things needed and provides opportunities to share inspiring stories.  In turn raising faith and encouraging increased giving and generous actions.

We help followers of Jesus to be generous by removing barriers between them and people in need.


Why we're a little bit different

We’re a little bit different because we begin in a different place. Lots of charities exist to meet obvious needs.  And we’re so grateful to them and we work in partnership with lots of them. But the main need that The Besom Network meets is a little less obvious … we help followers of Jesus to be generous.  We work to remove the barriers between people who have something to give and people who are in need.  Our desire is to resource people to effectively give to other people in their community. So if you have been helped by a local Besom it is because someone found a way to be generous.  The Besom Network connected a generous gift of time, money, skills or resources to you and your need.


Unlocking God’s purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others.


To grow authentic communities of faith-filled believers founded on love, prayer and relationship. 


We walk side-by-side with you, on your journey with the Jesus seen in the gospels, to love, pray, give and go to those in need.


By bridging the gap toward those in need, we immerse you in opportunities that enable ordinary, practical, generous actions to demonstrate God’s miraculous provision, bringing hope, revealing and transforming faith.

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The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. 

Matthew 25:40

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