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Unlocking God's purpose in you,
through meeting the needs of others.

The Besom Network is a national Christian ministry.  We are passionate about helping followers of Jesus put God’s love into action. We enable people to give generously, creatively and effectively to anyone who is in need. Some people give their time, their things, their money or skills to help people and to demonstrate God’s goodness.

Get involved

Many of us already know we want to help those in need by giving something, but we don’t know how to get started.  Or we don’t know how to ensure our giving is effective or will make a difference.  Besom provides simple routes into helping you give!


We'd love to help you discover God’s purpose for you, as you consider where God wants to send you. Your personal discovery of how to ‘meet need’ (#lovepraygivego) can happen through our network of local Besoms.

Start a Besom

Besom can help you unlock your response to God, 'Yes, Send Me!' by helping you to consider your question, 'but how?'

Starting a new Besom is exciting and challenging, as you dig deeper into answering the call of God to bless those in need, and draw others alongside you to outwork this Vision and Mission.  As part of the Besom family we will walk alongside you every step of the way, as you seek to enable others to serve those in need.

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