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What do you love doing?

There are many ways you could give your time to your local Besom.  You can do this either as an individual or as a group.


Maybe you love a good balanced spreadsheet or a neatly stacked food shelf with all the cans of beans in order of use by date?  Maybe you’re a bit of Michelangelo with a paintbrush and love painting ceilings?


Can you drive a van?  Do you love shopping, gardening, or talking or listening?  Do you get all Marie Kondo when you fold up the laundry or maybe a lover of scrubbing, polishing and dousing everything in disinfectant?

Whatever you love to do, why not join us at Besom and use those gifts to bless others;  to help and love your 'neighbour' in a practical way?

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Give time as
an individual

Perhaps you have 2-3 hours a week or a month free and are willing to do whatever you can to answer that call of God on your life … to give your time to those in need.  Maybe you’d love to just give a one-off day and are wondering what you could do to help.


Besom unlocks your response, “Yes, send me!”, by helping you consider and find your “How?”.  Get in touch with your local Besom to offer your time.  There may be something specific you’d love to get involved with or perhaps you’re just keen to help out wherever you can.  Besom’s primary focus is tailored toward enabling followers of Jesus to serve those in need effectively.  Perhaps we could help you put God’s love into action?


Individual time-givers come from congregations local to any of our current Besoms, and will need a reference from a church leader.

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Give time as a group

If your church, small group, friends or family have been praying about ways to help those in need in your local community then we can help you to express that love and enthusiasm effectively.  Thousands of local church members have participated together in group projects including gardening for the sick and elderly and painting the houses of single parents, refugees, and families to make them feel more like home.


Groups can also help out at specific times of the year putting together hampers, coordinating events or helping out at their local Besom premises.


Besom’s primary focus is tailored toward enabling followers of Jesus to serve those in need effectively.  Perhaps we could help your group of friends, your small group or whole church put God’s love into action?


If there isn’t a Besom near you then get in touch with the Network team, there could be people who live near you thinking about starting a Besom and praying for more people to join their team.  People like you with a bit of time to give.

Ready to
get going?

Feling inspired to get stuck in? Great! If you have any questions or would like to find out more, we'd love to hear from you and let you know about how you can get involved with our work. 

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