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About Us

The Besom in Taunton is a Christian organisation that provides a bridge between those who want to give and those who are in need in the Taunton and Wellington area. Giving is at the heart of all we do. There are three ways you can give through the besom in Taunton. If you feel you could be involved in any of these ways, we pray that you will learn more about God's heart for those in need and that your faith will grow as you see Him at work. 

Tel: 07432 629444 

Giving time

The Besom in Taunton aims to enable local Christians to serve in the community. You can help by joining our van team, cleaning and restoring furniture in our warehouse, taking part in gardening or decorating projects, administration, communications and more. An important part of what we do is to offer to pray with people we support. If your local church group would like to offer time for practical projects, please get in touch via our website. If you have a date in mind, let us know! 

Giving items

Donations of good quality furniture, bedding, kitchen items, curtains, bedding and towels are always needed by families or individuals. We can accept small electrical items such as kettles and toasters, but not white goods, or large electrical items. We collect larger items of furniture in the local area only. Please contact us via our website.  

Giving money

The Besom in Taunton is funded by donations. Some supporters give specifically towards “Starter packs” to enable those in need to set up home with the basic requirements. Others give more generally. If you would like to support Besom financially with either a one-off gift or a regular gift you can do so in several ways. Please see ‘Giving financially’ on our website.

Make a referral 

If you support someone in a professional capacity and would like to refer them to us, please email: and let us know how we can help you. 

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