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Pray with us

Prayer is at the core of all we are and all we do.  Part of our mission is to grow an authentic, prayerful and worshipping networked community of faith-filled believers.   We encourage one another to prayerfully depend on God for everything.  And we have the joy of encountering God’s heart for those in need and witnessing His incredible provision through specific matching prayer.  Matching prayer is where a local Besom community becomes aware of a specific need.  We don’t publicise that need or try to solve it in our strength or out of our own resource.  We pray.  And time and time again our local Besom communities have the joy of a random phone call or donation or passing conversation with a follower of Jesus wanting to donate the exact thing that they have been praying for.


Each local Besom community creates space for worship, invests in one another and pursues a journey of deepening faith.  Together we present visible and tangible proof that God delights to hear and answer specific prayer.


We’d love you to join with us in prayer.

It would be wonderful to have you join a local Besom team and be part of their rhythm of praying together, whether in person or over Zoom.  Connect with a local Besom to find out more about how you can give through prayer.

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Pray for

The Besom


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Pray for
The Besom Network

Here are five things you could pray about right now:

1: For those seeking God's purpose, that they discover His leading - Maybe it's with Besom!

2: For your local Besom, its leadership, Time-Givers and those they serve in your community

3: For those God is prompting to start a new local Besom - faith & boldness to step out

4: Generous giving to The Besom Network to enable the flourishing of the Besom mission

5: For wisdom and discernment for those praying, that they hear God's voice and leading for specific prayer - God goes before us all

If there isn’t a Besom near you, then you could consider starting a Besom Network prayer group. This is always the first step in exploring starting a local Besom in your community.


If you'd like to discover more or connect with us in a deeper way please get in touch.


Find out about our next Besom Family Gathering event.

Read about The Besom Network Vision, Mission and Calling in About Us

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"I shouldn't be surprised but I am: so often we receive a donation and the very next day or next week we have a request for that item!"


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