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Celebrating God's provision in Haringey

After a very tough past 18 months, the Besom in Haringey has seen God's faithfulness and provision as they have seen and experienced an increase and a return to regular operations which has enabled them to bless many families in need of beds and other items of furniture. Cath, one of their Trustees, spearheaded their hamper initiative which was a great success and blessed 50 families in December.

God has increased their team of time-givers enabling them to have a sturdy rota that allows them collections and deliveries most Saturday mornings. This is a massive change in comparison to last year when they hardly had any time-givers.  They desire to expand into serving those who need new baby packs and starter kits in the future.
Guy Carter, the Besom Lead says, they often joked about having “3 wheels on their wagon” because there always seems to be one part of their ministry most in need of prayer and patience – lack of van team, lack of organisers, lack of funds or problems with the van! 

Most recently their van failed its MOT but after their faithful prayer team and other besom-ers interceded for a van provision, God answered and their van is back on the road plus they secured storage space should they need an emergency switch to Zipvan. God also brought along another time-giver.

Guy says they've had so much to be thankful for but most of all, they are thankful to God for teaching patience and complete trust in His good provision for Besom as well as those in need in our local area.

If you want to bless Guy and his team in Haringey with your time, skills, money, or things, please e-mail

We celebrate with you, Guy, and your team, and we are here cheering you on!

We urgently need a Treasurer


Our long-serving Treasurer and Trustee Tony who's been looking after our finances in this role is stepping down from the Treasurer role and hanging his boots up at the end of this month. Tony has served us in this role since the network was formed and we appreciate his faithfulness in serving the network in so many ways- thank you so much, Tony.

The network is now urgently seeking someone who's got a spare one to two hours each week to help us with bookkeeping, processing occasional expenses, a very small monthly payroll, and liaising with our accountant from time to time. This will be someone who will generally look after our finances.

If you or someone you know loves numbers, and spreadsheets, and has financial or bookkeeping experience, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please email or

Thank you.

Besom on social media


Have you seen all our shared Besom God stories on our WebsiteYouTube channel, and social media platforms Facebook/Instagram?

Can you help us raise our profile and encourage others by sharing these stories on your social media platforms and with friends and family? This will help us get our Besom Mission and vision out and who knows what God will do with the stories as we seek him for more Besoms to be planted in every community in England?

If you have an inspiring story of the way God has used you, or you have seen Him at work in another way we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at
If you need help recording this or someone to write it up for you, we can do that. Just shout. Remember we are here to help!

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