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Besom in Ealing

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About Us

The Besom in Ealing helps people give their time, money, items or skills to those in need in our area. Each week, a team of two collect items of furniture, electricals and white goods from generous givers, and deliver them to people who are referred to us within the borough of Ealing.

You can also give your money through the Besom in Ealing, and whatever way you feel called to bless people with your money, we are here to help you do that effectively. 


We work on a referral only basis. All those referred to us are by various agencies e.g. social workers, pastoral teams, children's services, probation etc.


From August '23, the Besom in Ealing is closed until further notice.


How to give

For all enquiries, please get in touch via The Besom Network on

How to refer

Referrals are currently suspended.

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