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Besom in Barnet

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About Us

The Besom in Barnet is currently re-emerging and we are excited to see how God will use us in the future. We are beginning with helping people give starter packs to those in need in our area. 

A starter pack includes things for someone moving into a new home.

They can include essentials like plates, a toaster, kettle, tea towels, toiletries, towels, utensils, cleaning products etc. anything to make a house feel like home.

How to get involved: 

You can give nearly new or new items to go make up a starter pack. 

You can give money towards items to go in a pack

Or you can give your time to help get the packs ready, pray, organise deliveries or carry out the deliveries!


How to give

Please get in touch via email if you have something you would like to give.

Our email address is

The office is staffed on a part-time basis.

How to refer

If you support someone in a professional capacity and would like to refer them to us, please email: and let us know how we can help you. 

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