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About us

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Unlocking God’s purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others





To grow authentic communities of faith-filled believers founded on love, prayer and relationship. 


We walk side-by-side with you, on your journey with the Jesus seen in the gospels, to love, pray, give and go to those in need.


By bridging the gap toward those in need, we immerse you in opportunities that enable ordinary, practical, generous actions to demonstrate God’s miraculous provision, bringing hope, revealing and transforming faith.





  • Remove barriers so followers of Jesus can discover and respond to God’s call to help those in need

  • Inspire followers of Jesus to put God’s Word into action; to respond out of love, not duty

  • Equip and resource those who want to give effectively through practical, generous actions

  • Be the bridge, connecting followers of Jesus to those in need in their community

  • Encourage one another to prayerfully depend on God for everything

  • Encounter God’s heart for those in need and His incredible provision through specific matching prayer

  • Surrender increasingly to the Holy Spirit’s leading and transformation

  • Create space for worship, investing in each other and pursuing a journey of deepening faith

  • Witness that all Besom is and does is for God’s fame, presenting visible and tangible proof that God delights to hear and answer specific prayer

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Our history

Where we come from matters because it has not only shaped who we have become but it also informs who we will grow to be.  First things first, let’s start with our name: 

Besom is pronounced Bee-zm

The word is defined as a bundle of Broom tree twigs tied around a handle, and is used for sweeping away or cleansing.  The name ‘Besom’ is found in one of the earliest Gospel editions, dating back to 1000 AD.  It is also recorded by William Cowper in the 18th century in the sentence ‘Sweep thy soul clean with the besom...’ (Luke 11:25). 

The Besom was founded in 1987 by James Odgers.  James left the law in London for Hong Kong to be part of St Stephen's Society caring for people coming out of heroin addiction.  During his time there, the chasm between those who had and those in need profoundly struck home.  It was from his experience and insight, that The Besom Vision was formed: 'To be a bridge between those who want to give money, time, skills, or things; and those in need.'


Since that return flight from Hong Kong in 1986 a lot has happened.  We have journeyed with over 40 local Besoms and have seen the work develop in many ways.

unlocking God's purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others

'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these

brothers and sisters of mineyou did for me.'

Matthew 25 : 37-40

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