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Besom Network





We believe that every community needs a local Besom.

The Besom Network is working to see this belief become reality.


Our Vision is to see 60 local Besoms planted by the end of 2027.


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The Besom Network draws together in one big community, all the local Besoms founded across the country.  We support and equip established Besoms and nurture the formation of new Besoms across the UK and beyond.  Our purpose is to:

  • Steward the Besom Vision and maintain its unique essence and calling across our Network

  • Increase the profile and raise awareness of the Vision and Mission of Besom

  • Help facilitate, support, connect and equip every local Besom, their leadership and teams of Time-Givers

  • Create and develop collaborations with other ministries and organisations that share Kingdom-building values

  • Increase numbers of Christ-followers equipped to serve, be discipled to outwork what God has worked in them

  • See Kingdom values taught in local churches, outworked through local Christ-followers

  • To be a blessing and gift to every local church community as a way to bridge the gap between those that have something to offer with those that are in need

To fulfil this essential role, The Besom Network relies wholly on the prayers and generous giving of those who believe in, and wish to support, what we see God doing in and through our Vision.  With regards to funding, the Network shares the same unique ethos as each local Besom - that through prayer, each Besom is self-supporting and doesn't undertake fundraising activity.   They trust that where God calls, He provides. 


Can you partner with us?  We believe Besom has entered a new season of growth and multiplication.  We desire opportunities for fruitful collaborations with other Kingdom-builders in order to support the equipping of our existing Besoms and in seeking new resources to help more Besoms emerge in every community, town and city.   


Thank you for your prayers and for considering how you can support The Besom Network to accomplish its calling.

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unlocking God's purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others

‘I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith...rooted and established in love.‘

Ephesians 3:16

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