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Thank you Besom

An introduction to Besom

Hi, we're Besom

The Besom Network is a national Christian ministry.  We are passionate about helping followers of Jesus put God’s love into action.


We enable people to give generously, creatively and effectively to anyone who is in need.


Some people give their time, their things, their money or skills to help people and to demonstrate God’s goodness.

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Why we're a little bit different

Why we're a little bit different

We’re a little bit different because we begin in a different place.


Lots of charities exist to meet obvious needs.  And we’re so grateful to them and we work in partnership with lots of them.


But the main need that The Besom Network meets is a little less obvious … we help followers of Jesus to be generous.  We work to remove the barriers between people who have something to give and people who are in need.  Our desire is to resource people to effectively give to other people in their community.


So if you have been helped by a local Besom it is because someone found a way to be generous.  The Besom Network connected a generous gift of time, money, skills or resources to you and your need.

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