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Besom can help you unlock your response to God, 'Yes, Send Me! by helping you to consider 'How?'


Starting up a new Besom is exciting as you dig deeper into answering the call of God to bless those in need, and draw others alongside you to outwork this Vision and Mission!

Every Besom has a different, local expression of the Vision.  Maybe you have a heart for the poor already, but want to help more believers discover God's heart for the poor?  Or you have a desire for discipleship and discipling others?  Visiting or participating in a Besom starts a journey that will unlock God's purposes in you.  As part of the Besom family, we will walk alongside you as you seek to enable others to serve those in need.


5 steps to establish a Besom

There is no set timescale to setting up a Besom.   Evidence shows that God will make it clear when you should start.  Having a good amount of time to pray and seek the Lord beforehand is the best possible foundation for your Besom, don’t rush into action.   We are here to pray and support you all the way:  linking you to others who want to set up in your area, and enabling you to visit and experience a typical Besom day for yourself at a nearby Besom.


our 5 steps


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After talking to us, the first step is to gather people to pray with you to build community and support, and to seek Gods wisdom for who to approach and share the vision with. 

An ideal situation would be around 6 people from 3 or 4 local churches. 

Besom is a cross-church ministry, so having different churches involved from the outset sets you in good stead for the future.

Wait for the right time...


"Besom has not only connected our church with those in need, but

it has also connected us with other churches in the town"


The Besom essence

  • Besom’s primary focus is tailored toward enabling followers of Jesus to serve those in need effectively

  • Besom unlocks your response, “Yes, send me!”, by helping you consider your “How?”

  • Besom enables followers of Jesus to put God’s love into action by giving generously, creatively and effectively to those in need

  • Besom provides the opportunity for the giver to know the impact of their giving

  • Besom offers faith-changing experiences where people can be transformed

  • Besom seeks to demonstrate the reality and power of specific prayer

  • Besom is an inspirational gift to the Church, helping individuals discover more of their God-given purpose, while being a witness of God’s love to wider society

  • Besom shares authentic stories of God’s faithful leading in order to inspire, challenge and give Him glory

  • foster an authentic community of interdependent Besoms, founded on love, prayer and relationship


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