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Besom doesn't do fundraising ...

But we do enable followers of Jesus to put God’s love into action by giving generously, creatively and effectively to those in need.

To join in and support us on the big vision of Besom multiplication across the UK, you can give here.


You many want to support your local Besom. If so please find them here and contact them directly. 


From £10 to £10,000, your gift can be a one-off gift or a regular amount, however you may feel led.  You can make it as specific as you like or totally unconditional for us to use on an item, activity or area where there is need.  We pray that God will be directing you.  Whatever it is, thank you for joining us on the Besom mission.   Before you give, here’s some of the ways your gift could help.  Be as creative as you like!

5DS_6163_Original (Edited).JPG

Ask your local Besom about their needs

Click here

to give a gift


You may know exactly what your gift is to be, thank you.


Or you may have felt led by God to give a specific amount for general purposes, either way, you can know that every pound given goes to helping equip current and new Besoms across the country to outwork the Besom vision and mission; it supports us to flourish. 


If you are in debt or struggling financially please do not give money to Besom.  Why not let us help you explore some of the other creative, beautiful and effective ways you could give to those in need.

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