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We are a national Christian ministry currently made up of 22 individual Besoms.  Our vision is to: 'Unlock God’s purposes in you, through meeting the needs of others'.  We believe each follower of Jesus is called to a life of ordinary, practical and generous actions that demonstrate God’s love to those in need; the kind of generosity that shows His miraculous provision, brings hope and continuously transforms your faith. 


We do this in community - in local teams we pray, worship and work together to serve those whom are most vulnerable and in extreme need.  Each local Besom helps to bridge the gap between followers of Jesus who have something to offer and those in need.  Those who get involved with Besom are often amazed by how their own faith grows, how they find friendships and purpose and a deepening love for God.  It is our joy as The Besom Network to encourage you to love, pray, give and go!

Get to know Besom

Just drop in or spend a little time with our teams at one of our local Besoms.  Giving out of your time is part of giving to God, and you'll meet people who are passionate about giving their time to help others live generously. 


In the video ‘What Do I Have’ you’ll meet some people who have been transformed as they give their energy and love to those in need. 

You would also be welcome to join us at our next national conference, the Besom Family Gathering 


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Get to know Besom

unlocking God's purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others

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We love meeting people and sharing stories of God at work through the Besom.  Please get in touch here If you have any questions, or you want to visit a local Besom


If you’d like to make a referral on behalf of someone you are supporting, please head over to our referrers page.


If you’d like to get involved and there isn’t a Besom where you live, find out about how you could start a Besom.

"Besom has helped me to give everything from a

couple of cans of beans to an afternoon of gardening"


What do I have?

This video filmed in 2020 gives an insight into the wonderful experiences of some of our founders and Time-Givers.

what do i have
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