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What makes us different?

We are a ministry to those who give, as well as to those who are in need

The Besom is about much more than just meeting the needs of those who are suffering various forms of poverty.  It's also about you!


Our focus rests on those who come to give and what God's doing in and though them, rather than just on those in need.  We love seeing hearts softened with compassion as they connect with the person behind 'the need'.  Besom is also about the 'being' and not just the 'doing'.  Our actions flow out of our response to God's love and generosity we received.


Besom wants to witness to wider society the reality of God and His goodness and the power of prayer. We have thousands of testimonies of answered prayers  - how? 


Trusting in a faithful God who provides means we don't advertise our needs, or undertake fundraising activities.  Instead, our prayers underpin everything we do, increasing our dependence on God.  Up and down the country, this enables a wonderful, timely matching of things given with known needs on a weekly basis.  We know He hears the cry of the poor and can answer through our prayers and generous giving.

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The Besom Essence

Every local Besom shares the same distinctive characteristics in how we do things:

  • Besom's primary focus is tailored toward enabling followers of Jesus to serve those in need effectively

  • Besom unlocks your response, “Yes, send me!”, by helping you consider your “How?”

  • Besom enables followers of Jesus to put God’s love into action by giving generously, creatively and effectively to those in need

  • Besom provides the opportunity for the giver to know the impact of their giving


  • Besom offers faith-changing experiences where people can be transformed

  • Besom seeks to demonstrate the reality and power of specific prayer

  • Besom is an inspirational gift to the Church, helping individuals discover more of their God-given purpose, while being a witness of God’s love to wider society

  • Besom shares authentic stories of God’s faithful leading in order to inspire, challenge, and give Him glory

  • To foster an authentic community of interdependent Besoms, founded on love, prayer, and relationship

Why doesn't Besom advertise its need? 

It could appear that we are being awkward by not advertising the need towards those who could give.  In any given week, we know about so many cases of people who are in great need, whether it’s for furniture or decorating, baby items, kitchen starter packs..., but we don’t advertise this.  

  • We believe that God will “satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land” (Is. 58:11)

  • We believe that giving should come from a heart of compassion for those in need, rather than a sense of guilt, duty, or compulsion

  • We believe that advertising the need is a sure-fire way of exhausting the church. In the long term, this is not a sustainable approach.  Every church in the country has a myriad of organisations marketing their services and we do not want to add to this number

  • Our experience tells us that our perception of need is often completely wrong.  Our assessments are clouded by our prejudice and background.  Invariably what a recipient needs only becomes clear through prayer and conversation

  • We believe that God controls the balance of what comes in and out; we mustn’t distort this, and our experience tells us that we don’t need to

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unlocking God's purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and

with all your mind.  Love your neighbour as yourself.‘

Matthew 22 : 37

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